Bomb Crypto

1 Introduction: The Bomb Crypto is a Blockchain Bomb Game Experiment by BCOIN. Players can collect, fight and trade monsters for real money. Get cryptocurrency by playing in the NFT blockchain game! ✔️ TOP 1 GAMEFI ON BSC 2022 ✔️ TOP 1 INVESTMENT PLACE TODAY ✔️ SUPER AUTOMATIC MODE AND SUPER EASY CASH WITHDRAW ✔️ COMMUNITY OF MORE THAN 500K MEMBERS ✔️ NEW FEATURES UPDATED EVERY WEEK 2. GAME MODE: A. Treasure Mode: In Treasure Hunt Mode, players can send launcher heroes to mining areas and have them plant bombs to destroy blocks to find SEN/block (you have launcher hero). B. Amazon mode: The automatic game mode is similar to the treasure hunt mode, but there will be natural disasters. When heroes suffer a catastrophe, they lose all their stamina and go to sleep. c. Adventure Mode: Players choose their own launcher hero to participate in each level in story mode. The player needs to destroy all the monsters to pass each level. Also, breaking blocks and killing monsters gives players a chance to drop BCOIN. Dr.. PvP: In Battle mode, players join a bombshell battle to fight against other players and earn BCOIN.




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