Crypto Cats - Play to Earn

Earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards in a blockchain-based game! ✔️ LIS - The original pillar token will be launched on Realis blockchain in Q3 2022 ✔️ Blockchain launch planned for Q3 2022 Conclusions open in Q3 2022 as well ✔️ NFT soon Season has already started with new crypto game mode "Bingo" Open capsules, earn cryptocurrencies and collect NFT cards! Collect NFT cards and try your luck! Players can withdraw any of their NFT items to their personal wallet at any time, they fully own the in-game NFT assets. Merge and collect adorable cats, explore exciting worlds, and earn crypto coins and NFT rewards in Crypto Cats. Get started in the wonderful world of blockchain! 1, daily tasks. Play this cryptocurrency game every day. Complete daily tasks to earn NFT tokens built on the blockchain in an amazing cryptocurrency game! Also earn NFT rewards as you progress through the game. 2 ️⃣ daily capsules. Get free capsules containing ingredients every 4 hours. Each capsule allows you to get NFT cards and cryptocurrencies with which you can create Super Cats 3️⃣ Wheel of Fortune. Get boxes with kittens or useful things in the game or increase your winnings. Everyone can win cryptocurrency and NFT prizes in our crypto game. Available for free once per day 4️⃣ Get tokens even offline! You earn cryptocurrency even when you sleep. Your winnings last up to 24 hours after you leave Merge Cats. 5️⃣ Regular updates with new content. Play Crypto Cats and have fun as you level up - we are already working on the next stage. New characters, new levels and new game mechanics, stay tuned and discover updates and the latest news on our Telegram group: The LIS Realis token works on the same principle as the coins in traditional cryptocurrency mobile games. Through tokens, we combine the economies of the game and the blockchain to provide a flexible system for 
redistributing funds.

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