Hair Tattoo : maître coiffeur

hair tattoo:

Hairdressing Master is a hairdressing salon simulation! Do you want to learn how to create amazing hairstyles and become a professional in this craft? Join our hair salon and create hairstyles from the simplest to the most complex! Clients come to your salon for a makeover. It's up to you to cut, shave, color and shape to get a result that satisfies your client! If you miss the cut, the customer will leave angry without paying you... Your living room has all the tools needed for a perfect cut. Thanks to them, you will be able to create styles, hair colors and tribal styles! Features of Hair Tattoo: Hairstyling Master: - Stunning 3D graphics - Unique mechanics - Simple controls - Many cutting tools - Extravagant hairstyles Hair Tattoo: Hairdresser Master is a hairdressing salon simulator that will teach you the art of cutting so you can become a 
hairdressing champion! Work in the salon now and surprise your clients with new hairstyles!





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